Welcome to collective.elasticsearch’s documentation!


This package aims to index all fields the portal_catalog indexes and allows you to delete the Title, Description and SearchableText indexes which can provide significant improvement to performance and RAM usage.

Then, ElasticSearch queries are ONLY used when Title, Description and SearchableText text are in the query. Otherwise, the plone’s default catalog will be used. This is because Plone’s default catalog is faster on normal queries than using ElasticSearch.


Only unit tested with Plone 5 with Dexterity types and archetypes.

It should also work with Plone 4.3 and Plone 5.1.

Deployed with Elasticsearch 6.3.0


Support for all index column types is done EXCEPT for the DateRecurringIndex index column type. If you are doing a full text search along with a query that contains a DateRecurringIndex column, it will not work.

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