Basic configuration

  • Goto Control Panel
  • Add “Eleastic Search” in Add-on Products
  • Click “Elastic Search” in “Add-on Configuration”
  • Enable
  • Click “Convert Catalog”
  • Click “Rebuild Catalog”

Changing the index used for elasticsearch

The index used for elasticsearch is the path to the portal_catalog by default. So you don’t have anything to do if you have several plone site on the same instance (the plone site id would be different).

However, if you want to use the same elasticsearch instance with several plone instance, you may end up having conflicts. In that case, you may want to manually set the index used by adding the following code to the file of your module:

from Products.CMFPlone.CatalogTool import CatalogTool

setattr(CatalogTool, CUSTOM_INDEX_NAME_ATTR, "my_elasticsearch_custom_index")

Adding custom index which are not in the catalog

An adapter is used to define the mapping between the index and the elasticsearch properties. You can override the _default_mapping attribute to add your own indexes:

    layer=".layers.MyLayer" />
class MyMappingAdapter(object):

    _default_mapping = {
        'SearchableText': {'store': False, 'type': 'text', 'index': True},
        'Title': {'store': False, 'type': 'text', 'index': True},
        'Description': {'store': False, 'type': 'text', 'index': True},
        'MyOwnIndex': {'store': False, 'type': 'text', 'index': True,

Changing the settings of the index

If you want to customize your elasticsearch index, you can override the get_index_creation_body method on the MappingAdapter:

class MyMappingAdapter(object):

    def get_index_creation_body(self):
        return {
            "settings" : {
                "number_of_shards": 1,
                "number_of_replicas": 0

Changing the query made to elasticsearch

The query generation is handled by another adapter:

         .interfaces.IElasticSearchCatalog" />

You will have to override the __call__ method to change the query. Look at the original adapter to have a better idea on what you need to change.